Client Information

Before we begin a project there are a few things we like to highlight for our customers, if you have any questions about the information below please give us a call!

  • Personal belongings need to be packed up and moved prior to our arrival. Items of importance like dresser, side tables, end tables, lamps, valuables or breakable should be moved and wrapped to prevent anything being bumped and broken.
  • Other items that customer won’t be moving must be wrapped or covered. In preparation for our arrival customers must have space clean and important items moved. Any items hanging on walls must also be removed if we are working in or around that area. Pre-project clean up is not included in our services.
  • We will move heavy items such as couches, large dressers or cabinets and TVs. Customer will be responsible for securing and wrapping items to their satisfaction. If we move items such as appliances or large furniture, we will do our best to protect items to avoid dings and dents but we aren’t professionally movers and liability falls on customers. If the customer chooses, they can hire movers who will cover and insure items. We will cover flooring by putting down tarps.
  • We do not empty cabinets, box up belongings or are responsible for items customer choose not to wrap or secure. All materials for project that are customer responsibility must be provided the day we start. If not and it is something that will hold our work up or if the customers choose not to purchase materials prior to start date we will purchase items and customer will be charged cost plus 25%.
  • For customers that have animals, please make sure that they are secured away from project area. Pets will need to stay clear of work area at all times, we aren’t responsible for making sure animals are property secured.
  • For extra jobs that will kick up a lot of dust customers are advised to go to local hardware store and buy a package of filters that we will change periodically throughout job.

Customers need to communicate daily if issues arise, we will communicate on a daily basis on progress and upcoming events. We want to reassure customers that we will address any issues and make this process as smoothly as possible. Customers will need to be prepared to not have access to project areas that are under construction.